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This Bootcamp is designed to help children who struggle in Math. In all of my years of teaching and tutoring Math, the #1 reason why learners struggled is they did not master the basics. Well, that doesn't have to be your child. 

This Bootcamp is 16 weeks and limited to 10 learners per class. We will go SUPER SLOW and I will make sure every learner GETS IT. 



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December 21st 

January 4, 2021 - March 19, 2021

Self-paced course 

The Motherland Math Self-paced course is designed to enrich your child's education with the power of Math developed on the African continent. 

How to Help your Child Master Math (Recording)

FAQs for Live Classes

  • Are these classes advanced?
    • No. I take into account that not every child is at the same point in their learning journey. Therefore, I make sure that the content is suitable for their level of understanding. Also, the content is mostly project based and I will walk your child through the content step-by-step. If they do get lost, I am there to help them in between classes. 
  • Are there any materials I need to bring?​
    • I would suggest bringing a pencil and paper. Everything else will be done using a computer, laptop or smartphone.   ​
  • Are there any assessments for these classes?​
    • Well, the class is project based, so the homework and the actual project are the assessments. ​
  • How long are the classes?​
    •  Some classes are 9 weeks and some are 12 weeks.
  • How will we access classes?​
    • Links will be provided to you during the week before the first day of class.
  • Can my child make up a class if they miss a day?​
    • Each class will be recorded. If your child misses a day, make sure they watch the recording before they come to the next class. ​​​
  • Will my child receive a certificate at the end of the class? 
    • Yes. They will receive a certificate of completion.
Q&A for Fall Classes

Q&A for Fall 2020 Classes  

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Exit Interview with Annah

What People say about

Berry Good Teaching...


"I was referred by a friend to Brandon to tutor my daughter in math when she was a senior in high school. For more than 10 years, she’s struggled tremendously with Math and its been my opinion that although she has great teachers, she needed someone that could spend time with her one on one to help her to comprehend what she’s working on. After trying several tutors, Brandon came through like a winning lottery ticket! His approach to teaching is unique in that he helped my daughter to improve tremendously by helping her learn the “language” of math. He was more concerned about her ability to test and work on her own than he was about just completing homework. He’s truly one of the best in the business!"

Shari, Gary and Seth 

“During the school year of 2013 our son began struggling with Math to the point that he was on the verge of failing the subject. We engaged Brandon to work with him so that he might get a better understanding. Our son began meeting with Brandon for one hour per week. On most occasions they would meet face to face but on the few occasions that we were unable to meet, Brandon would conduct the tutoring session over the internet via collaboration software (these sessions seemed just as effective as a face to face session). As a result of these tutoring sessions, our son’s understanding of the subject and his grades improved markedly. Brandon is an excellent instructor and connects well with his students.”


"The thing I appreciate the most is not only is he knowledgeable but he encourages and teaches you how to study better not only to succeed in the current course but future ones too. Thanks for teaching me how to fish! Highly recommended!"


"My 12 year old daughter had the privilege of taken this course and I was more than impressed with the content. To have not only the technical side of our culture but the historical side mixed in. Well organized. Can’t wait to see what comes next."


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