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"Every Great Person Has a Coach"

You have talent pouring out of your ears. Ideas pouring out of your mouth, but for some reason you're hitting a wall. For some reason you aren't getting to that next level in life. For some reason you're still at the same place you were last year. You know, when you said you were going to start that business. You were going to add that service to you business. You were going to hire a coach to help you.


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  Ramien R. Pierre Ed.D., CPTD

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For the last 9 months, I have worked with Brandon Berry as my personal coach. In that time, I've doubled the income of my side-hustle consulting business; I've transitioned to a new full-time job with a 35% salary increase; and I estimate I've been about 20% more productive. Perhaps most importantly, I've learned things about myself I can leverage into future success and productivity. I recommend Brandon most highly, enthusiastically, and without reservation.

I consider myself a highly productive person and a hard worker. But I fell into, what I gather, is a common trap for folks like me: I had gotten so far in life by working harder, that I couldn't see how to work smarter... and I was afraid to try. I thought if I took my foot off the gas that things would fall apart.

In quick succession Brandon was able to do five things which had significant positive impacts on me.

1. Brandon empathized instead of sympathized. He listened for what I needed and not just what I said. He developed a collaborative relationship with me by working hard to make sure my unspoken thoughts and beliefs came out of his mouth. Overall, he showed me that he "got me" and that allowed me to more fully engage in the coaching process.

2. Brandon helped me develop a system. We went beyond common coaching tools of advice and affirmations, and developed a system that fits the constraints of my lifestyle yet produces results: New efforts piggyback off existing habits, outputs from one task become inputs for another; whenever possible we make things automatic. All of this means I don't have to rely on willpower to get things done. I'm finally beginning to understand how building a system is what they mean by "working smarter."

3. Brandon tailored his message to fit my style and mindset. He learned about my strengths and weaknesses, my likes and dislikes, and the way I approach the world. At times his approach seemed a bit unorthodox, but I can't argue with the results. There was never any weird "coach-speak" or unrealistic platitudes in our conversations. As someone who is data-driven, this mattered to me.

4. Brandon focused on results. The goal of our interaction wasn't to have pleasant coaching conversations, it was to help me improve my life. And Brandon delivered. There was homework, there was accountability, and ultimately there were results.

5. The bonus of my coaching relationship with Brandon is that he is a genuinely nice, ethical, and fun person. I've enjoyed working with him, but to be clear: I hired Brandon as my coach to get me results, and he has definitely produced.

I hope your experience with him is as productive and as enjoyable as mine. Trust the process and put in the work.


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