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About Baba Be


Thank you for gracing this page with your presence.


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brandon Berry (aka Baba Be)


I grew up in D.C and Maryland aka the DMV.  Like a lot of us, I was molded by the public school system. I was a decent student and learned how to do just enough to get by. My "just enough" was enough to get me to college.


After experiencing college, I realized how much of a difference my educational experience could have been if there were more relevant topics to empower me and not just a cookie-cutter way of learning or thinking. This reflection and contrast has led me on the educational path.

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My journey as a teacher started when I was studying to receive my Master's in Business Administration. A large part of that MBA program involved Math, but there was one problem: I was NOT a Math person. In my undergraduate program, I received a 1 out of 5 on the College entry Math assessment and a D in my Business Math class. Needless to say, I wasn't too excited for the Math portion of Business. I became scared of Math, but a part of me didn't like that. A part of me decided that I COULD learn Math if I really applied myself. I followed that part of myself and started to learn as much about Math as I possibly could. Not just the formulas, but why the formulas existed? Who came up with these formulas? Why do we learn these formulas in the United States? What do people learn in Singapore? China? India? Ethiopia? What I learned after exploring the depths of Math changed the game for me and led me on my path to learning, mentoring and teaching as much as I could. 

I started to mentor with the Big Brother's, Big Sister's Program. Then, I was fortunate enough to lead the Alpha Lights Mentoring Program with the Sigma Alpha Lambda Foundation created by the Sigma Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. with over 40 mentees. 


These two experiences, along with tutoring, inspired me to create Life Long Learning, Inc. with a few friends of mine. Life Long Learning, Inc. was a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we hosted community events while providing tutoring and mentoring for teens in Maryland, impacted over 100 learners. 

After two years, I decided to move on from Life Long Learning and continued to teach and hone my skills as a course creator. I taught at my Almar Matar Frostburg State University, worked with NASA as an Instructional Designer, and created Motherland Math.


Motherland Math an online, self-paced course that teaches African history and African math techniques that can be used today. After creating Motherland Math, my Wife (Partner) and I wanted to make more of an impact, so we created BerryGoodTeaching together.

Overall, I love to teach and learn. My teaching philosophy is that everyone has the ability to learn, but not everyone learns in the same way. I also believe that learning should be practical and in line with a child's interest and purpose. 

Outside of work, I am a Husband to a Beautiful and Loving Wife, Partner and Best Friend. I am also a Baba to two beautiful, curious, and lively children. I also like to read, travel, and experience life with my family. Thank you for getting to know a little more about us.


All the best!

Baba Be

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