Frequently asked questions

Live Classes

Are these classes advanced?

Some classes are advanced and some are not. There are prerequisites for classes that have a second level associated with them. For example, Real Algebra, Entrepreneurship 101, Motherland Math and Holistic Health 202, are the advanced versions of Real Math, Social Engineering, Motherland Math 1 and Holistic Health Health 101, respectively.

Are there any materials I need to bring?​

I would suggest bringing a pencil and paper. Everything else will be done using a computer, laptop or smartphone.

Are there any assessments for these classes?​

Well, the class is project based, so the homework and the actual projects are the assessments. ​

How long are the classes?​

All classes are 9 weeks long.

How will we access classes?​

All classes will be accessed via our Virtual Classroom. You will be sent a link to the virtual classroom the week before classes start.

Can my child make up a class if they miss a day?​

Each class will be recorded. If your child misses a day, make sure they watch the recording before they come to the next class. ​​​

Will my child receive a certificate at the end of the class?

Yes. They will receive a certificate of completion.

Self-Paced Courses

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Technical Difficulties

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