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Our Berry Good Philosophy 


All of us create the reality we live in based on the stories that we belief about the world we live in. Ultimately we are creators and can create our own stories. We create our stories based on what we have imagined and experienced. We also create our stories based on what we interpret our experiences to mean. 

At the same time stories are one of the primal ways that humans share information and emotions, and thus experiences with each other. Within them, stories can invoke imagination and transfer beliefs. Stories are what creates strong families, organizations, and countries. 

Therefore, storytelling is a focal point of our philosophy.  


Where attention goes energy flows and entertainment is an attention grabbing human experience. When we are entertained, our minds are open, our senses are engaged, our emotions are felt. People often turn to entertainment as an escape from the more challenging aspects of life. We believe that learning should be entertaining. We believe that life should be entertaining, and we express this belief by creating entertaining learning content. 

Experiential Learning
The wisdom of life often lies in personal experience or in imagining the experience of others through story. Through our teaching methods, we create learning experiences that invite learners to engage with the wisdom that lies in the topic we are teaching, from a holistic perspective. Furthermore, we create real-life holistic experiences that would enhance the attitude and altitude towards learning and expanding our children's perspective on how they interface with life itself.  

Experiential learning experiences are multilayered and allow learners to use their whole brain and retain more of what they have learned throughout their experiences. Each part of the course or program reinforces the topics and importance of the subject matter with many interactive activities that keep the learners engaged each step of the way. 


Life is about flow and flow is movement. We believe in having times where children can just be and have unstructured play which encourages physical movement and connection with nature and ultimately embodying the fact that we are a part of nature. 

Berry Good Values

Spirituality: The source of the material world we live in is the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the real world and what we see is the effect. A spiritual foundation and connection with the source of all, God, is a rootedness in reality itself. 

Expression & Creativity: We are a part of the ultimate creator and we are creators ourselves. When we express that creativity we are in the flow of our soul's expression and that is a part of what we came here for. 

Family: Our society is only as strong as our families are. We believe in healthy family morale and the essential role that families play within our society at large. A healthy family is the thread that makes up our society. It is essential.


We encourage and promote balanced and genuine family dynamics. More specifically we encourage families where everyone is valued and understands the role of serving and preserving the family itself as well as the greater good of society. 

Empowerment: Potential comes from the latin words potent - being able to and potentia - power. We value children knowing their power and using their power to positively impact their lives, the lives of their families, communities and thus society at large. 

Self-reliance & Inter-depence: Self-reliance begins with owning your own power and response ability for your own life. With self-reliance and independence comes the opportunity for independence which is the connection with other independent beings who know they are whole and can share their wholeness with you and receive wholeness from you. 

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