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Is your Child a Math Genius?

For too many of our children, Math is seen as a waste of time. It is seen as something that is not relevant to their daily lives. Math is also often seen as cold and lacking the flavor of, say, language arts.

It is well known that we use our language everyday in multiple ways. What is little noticed is how much we use Math too because we often use it intuitively. For example, imagine you are driving to an appointment and you have 5 minutes left to get there. You know that you're 10 minutes away, so you'll have to go a little faster (or accelerate) to cut that 10 minutes in half. That's a math calculation that would probably look a lot different and more intimidating using formulas. However you just did it in your head, effortlessly.

We do math all the time without noticing. When playing a sport, like Basketball for example. You can see math in the way Basketball players calculate how much force they need to use in order to bounce the ball high enough to come back to them when they dribble, but not too high so they can catch it in their palms. Or you can see it when Basketball players intuitively calculate how much force and arc they need to put on the ball for it to pass through the circumference of the Basketball hoop. They don't sit back and pull out a pencil and paper or a calculator to figure this out. Their brains feel out the equation until they have correctly. Then they repeat it and add to it. This is Math.

What we think of as Math are the symbols and equations we use to explain what is happening naturally. These symbols and equations are useful, but they are far from the entire picture. I invite you to think of the symbols and equations as representations of the real thing because that's what they are. So, when we are learning how to use these symbols and equations, we are attempting to make it easier for us to see the processes that are happening on a metaphysical level. So, we can see how much force and arc is put on a ball to have it go into a hoop from half court.

With that being said, your child and all of us are Math geniuses in one way or another. Even if you are not a basketball player. Every process that occurs in your body involves some type of math. These equations and processes were put in place by the divine intelligence. Learning math enables you to not only solve equations, but create your own and create your own processes. How? Slow down.

Since our math processing happens so intuitively, we don't see the equations as they are being created and adjusted by our being. In order to see, we must slow down and learn. Step by step.

This is a language for you to access the processes occurring all the time in the background. The more adept you are at seeing the processes in the background the more command you can take over your life, the more you can create and the more you can efficiently use your time here on Earth.

You don't have to use these tools to be in touch with the background processes of the world and how things work. In fact, being in touch with your own processes help you learn about the processes around you and how new processes can be created. However, tools are of great use. Using the tools that Math has to offer can open you up to the world in a fantastic way. It's not just about building more computer technology or engineering or any other Math related professions we have now. Learning how Math works on a deep level can enable your child to create an entirely new profession. After all, that's how this tech world we live in was created.

To display how children can use Math in a practical and empowering way in their own lives, we are creating a self-paced version of our Real Math course. Real Math is a project-based course for ages 9 - 16, that puts your children in a real-world scenario where they will learn and apply math to create a self-sufficient life for themselves. To learn more click here.

We appreciate your time and are grateful for your attention,

Baba Be

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