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Let's Set The Intentions to Bring Values Back!

Every year during this time of the year our family gets together like any other day and we do some internal purging that causes us to get an emotional rise or sometimes even physically sick. However, we embrace the season we are in and each year we learn to ride the waves of the cycles. We currently as of now, no longer celebrate the normalized mainstream holidays for many reasons and we haven't for the last 5+ years.

Why? Well we have our reasons and no you don't have to look at us like The Grinch or Anti- Christian or Anti-festive or Anti- anything because we are not. This is not to bash those who do celebrate during this time of year. Its a tradition that we do and value. It happens subconsciously and naturally, but sometimes intentionally to take time to reflect, allow space to purge for renewal. Renewing of the mind, body and spirit is why this is needed and is a sacred practice in many religions and ancient cultures during various times of the year especially around the cosmic crossings, aka equinoxes and solstices.

Yes I know, who likes purging? It is not romanticized or idealized during this season. As a matter of fact, many try to avoid this inevitable phase. Many do it naturally and subconsciously as well. Whether it be a cold, flu, also to some formally know as covid, or fasting to renew. However, it seems to be avoided and yet it is so vital to balance health and well being. Yes there is an ugly, dreadful phase of detoxing, purging and resetting. Even the trees shed its leaves and are bare for this time of the year. It gets darker quicker, even here in Tropical Yucatan. Many are afraid of this time and not just because it gets dark earlier. It is a time of stillness and very few actually sit in stillness. As a matter fact many work very very hard to avoid you and themselves from doing this.

This gives us time to purge, perfect or renew, reflect and appreciate all the other dimensions and aspects of life. It is a time to slow down as days seem to speed up and nights seem stretched. A time to reflect on all that is and is not. A time to do shadow work as shadows quickly cast and turn days into nights. Many of us get so overwhelmed, triggered, caught in festivities and socially pressured we seem to have forgotten this amazing opportunity we have each year. To truly reevaluate and have a revelation.

Checking your list and checking it twice, to judge or decide if you been naughty or nice, accomplished or not. Are you good enough or not? These are the questions we quietly ask ourselves and we try to keep this hidden. Some avoid and feel complex around this time of the year and don't fully know why.

As loud and flashy the holidays may appear to be, its a time to go inside and reevaluate our lives. We usually get caught up in looking at the physical list we text or wrote in our journals, vision board or notes. Excited or disappointed at what we were able to achieve or not. Eager to write our new list for the new year and excited to reflect on the mundane and feel like we have a fresh start to do it all again the next.

Failing to truly go deeper, instead we all vote to externally work harder, smarter and put more attention and efforts on our goals and plans. After deep reflection and goals for days, years and ages. How about we work on more presence instead of presents. More essence and less effort.

"What do you mean?" You ask? Well, I and we here at BerryGoodTeaching are focusing on our values and inner character in our personal lives which will hopefully reflect in our work and business for years to come. I know we get distracted by so much glits glam and shiny bright lights during these times. For many the glow seems so superficial yet we seem to get blinded and swept away into those waves of flashing lights.

So this year as I decided to write my goals, and yes, see what I have done and didn't do. I also decided to evaluate my emotions, my reactions and allowing space to be with what is. I realized I also got swept away at the sea of life, lost sight of my core values and the real prize of realization.

Which, when you lose sight of your core, you can easily can drift in and out to sea getting lost where you can no longer see. Many of us who have experienced ourselves spiral out of order up or down, just overall not being centered or aligned. Our center space is a safe place especially if we anchor in our core values. That peaceful, mindful place truly resets and renews us. It feels like home when we return. So personally as we swim in the sea of life and as a family we have decided to put more energy into being intentional from this day forth on personal and family values to stay close or aligned with the vibration and frequency of everything we desire, need and want. One of those qualities is more quality and less emphasis on quantity this year or as some like to say, less is more. We have intentions on bringing you all new courses and richer content. We plan to be more engaging, but the core is about focus on the quality of work we provide rather than getting lost with the amount of work we produce. So hey, we are on this journey ourselves in real time, so we will see where this will lead. I feel like it will be exactly where we hope and dreamt it to be and more.

Join Us on Our Journey, What Values Are You Being Intentional With in this coming year?

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