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Motivation to Learn

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

In order to be motivated to do anything, it needs to serve a higher purpose for you.

Sure you're learning how to write well and solve math equations, but how is that going to help you achieve your life's purpose? What type of life is that skill helping you avoid?

How do you discover your purpose if you don't know it?

Here are some steps to clarify your vision, discover your purpose and unlock your motivation to learn (Take out a sheet of paper or pull up a Word document/Google Sheet): 1. Determine what your career would be if you had no limitations 2. Imagine how your life would look in as much detail as possible (Write it down) 3. Keeping that vision in your head, find something in every subject (public, private or homeschool) you're learning that would help you gain a skill that moves you closer to your vision. Write them down. (For example, if you envision yourself being a movie director, English can help you write your ideas in an articulate and clear way.) 4. Go back to your vision, think about the people at school and how every interaction you have may prepare you for your vision. Write them down. (For example, are you an entrepreneur in your vision? You can use people you are around to sharpen your communication skills.) 5. Read your vision and the skills you will gain the will move you toward your vision by learning more, every morning. 6. Enjoy how motivated you become. Anything can be used to your advantage. It's all in how you look at it and use it.

All the Best!

Brandon "The Builder" Berry

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