The Parallels of Indigenous & Modern Ways of Storytelling

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

The Indigenous people of Turtle island had a long, long history before Europeans came on the scene. They had their own sciences, healing systems, economic systems, languages, power structures, relationships to the land, and more. The thread that tied all of these systems together were the stories they told and passed down for generations.

These stories kept their traditions, rituals, values and overall cultural essence alive. Through storytelling they transferred it to the next generation to reinforce and uphold with honor and pride. This was very valuable to all ancient and traditional cultures. Truly we can say this still holds true with just as much power and value with any traditions, rituals ( holidays) and any historical story we tell in modern days. The stories that our ancestors and indigenous people told were meaningful, had depth, morale, had the hidden laws of cause and effect which led indigenous cultures to being holistic and balanced for the most part.

Now we are not one to praise, glamourize or gloss a romantic perception of our past nor present. So I want to mention this as a disclaimer so we are not ignoring the evidence and remanence of the effects that our ancestors' actions and inactions caused which contributed to imbalance.