Our Berry Good Friends

Our BerryGoodFriends are other service providers and product creators that we have built relationships with. Check out their amazing offerings that can help enhance you and your child's educational experience. 

Holistic Health & Wellness

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Fe-Fe The Holistic Gypsy Aka The Practical Mystic is a Holistic Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Detox Specialist, Clinical Iridologist & Regeneration Specialist. She is also a Spiritual Self Empowerment Advocate & Holistic Living Advocate.  FefeTheHolisticgypsy.com is a Private Online Holistic Health and Wellness Club. An online safe space for self-healing, growth & transformation.


Some of the Services & Support offered are:



Informative Content about Natural Holistic Health & Wellness


Birth Chart Readings


Spiritual & Holistic Perspectives


Shadow Work & Emotional Healing Content


Monthly Live Online Events & soon Classes


Holistic Programs & Challenges

Detailed Iridology Readings & Reports

Customized Detox Protocol

Holistic Coaching

Supportive Content For Holistic Healing/ Detoxing


Supportive Content for Holistic Living

Holistic Herbal Shop


Other Online Support

Other Live Classes and Courses

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Liberated Minds provides a tapestry of culturally rich educational events, conferences, forums, an International Virtual Campus, The Roots to Fruits Homeschool & Cultural Collective, The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Magazine and the Liberated Minds Black Educational Resource Directory App (available on Apple & Google), The Children’s Afrikan Ball, The Children of The Sun Fun Fest, The Watoto Kwanzaa Jamboree, Brunch By The Baobab Tree, The Children’s Afrikan Cinema, Indigo Vibes Yoga, The Brown Baby Soul Lounge, and the signature gathering, The Liberated Minds Black Homeschool and Education Expo that draws thousands of Black people from all over the US and around the world featuring hundreds of Black scholars, homeschoolers and educators.


The Liberated Minds Network also serves as critical support system with 25+ years of experience, 50,000+ happy families and 12 active programs and trainings. We also offer a plethora of dynamic resources such as cultural books, curriculum materials, community outreach and educational resources throughout the Afrikan diaspora (around the globe). Our mission extends to the empowerment of the Black family; and the creation and maintenance of the intergenerational wealth that is needed to shape a future that is full of prosperity and power; changing the trajectory.


Teacher Jade is a teacher and coach who offers English Language Arts and Black History classes and courses. She has over 12 years of experience as a teacher and has been raved about by parents across the country. 


The Village Method (TVM) is a grassroots, community-based organization founded by husband and wife team, Mark and Mahea Gaskins. At TVM, our mission is to strengthen communities by being a conduit of empowerment for youth and families of African-ancestry. We stand in the gaps developing systems of engagement that benefit our community. This includes gaps in education, civic representation, access to opportunities and other areas where advocacy is needed. We do this by promoting youth development, family engagement and community outreach.