The BerryGood Vision

BerryGoodTeaching is the Soul child of Mama Fe-Fe and Baba Be who met in college as friends and later became a union. Mama Fe-Fe and Baba Be are now married and have 2 children. In the process of homeschooling our children we shared a vision and saw a need to create a holistic educational experience that liberates and cultivates a self-empowered, confident, creative, and compassionate being. In turn, the being can inspire and invite other learners to be empowered with the knowledge that sets them on their own path of a purpose-filled life that continues to inspire - which helps contribute to society at large.



Our Why

Everyone deserves to live self-directed lives, free of the restraints put on them in the form of other people's ideas of who they should be. We are committed to helping inspire, empower and support people to grow into their greatest expression of themselves. If each person on Earth was raised to cultivate their natural gifts and talents, what would this world look like? Could you imagine? This is our why.