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Emotions are felt by everyone, everyday, whether we notice or not. There are many different emotions we can feel and these emotions show themselves inside and outside of our bodies. If you pay attention enough, you can see emotions show themselves all throughout the body.


In this 19 page workbook, there are several worksheets for you to explore with your child or student in order for them to have a better understanding of their own emotions and the emotional expressions of others. The purpose of this workbook is for children to become intelligent in the communication of emotions within their bodies and in the expressions of other people. One of the primary places we show our emotions is in our face. So in this workbook, you will find many worksheets asking your child or student to identify the facial expressions that match the words that describe them.


You will also find many self-reflection questions to get your child or student in the habit of reflecting upon how they feel. This also helps your child become self-aware, acknowledge their emotions, and trust themselves to express their feelings and trust who they express their emotions to.


Feel free to repeat these activities from time to time, just to keep your child or student emotionally sharp. We hope that this workbook is impactful for you and your child!

Emotional Intelligence & Self-Awareness Workbook - Ages 4-6

    • This workbook is a digital product and can be downloaded and printed after purchase. 
    • 19 Pages
    • Ages 4 - 6 
    • 15 Activities 



    • Activities give children Opportunities for Greater Self-Awareness and practicing mindfulness
    • Encourages children to Acknowledge their True Emotions
    • Encourages children to Trust themselves 
    • Encourages children's Self-Expression
    • Gives Strategies on How to Manage their Emotions through Fun and Engaging Activities with an Adult. 
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