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A E-book written by Fe~ Fe The Holistic Gypsy aka Mama Fe~Fe  here at BerryGoodTeaching who is a Certified Detox Specialist, Clinical Iridiolgist and Regeneration Specialist who has help & supported hundreds of people improve their state of health and well being. Some help  she has provided to her clients are; naturally shrinking  & eliminate tumors, improving fitness & exercise habits, weight loss, reduce allergies, anxiety, herpes, eczema, other skins disorder, post-partum depression, improve digestive issues,  autoimmune issues, infertility, hormone mbalances, heavy metal poisoning & more. 


This Heavy Metal Detox E-book gives vital information on heavy metals, symptoms, signs, and injury from heavy metals poisoning. Places where it can be consumed or absorbed.


  • Food & Products to Elimination 
  • Key Foods & Herbs to take Daily
  • Holistic Herbal Detox Protocol
  • Recipies to Help Detox Heavy Metals 
  •  Supportive Information to Cleanse, Heal  & Restore Health 
  • & More


 Supportive material and information to improve your state of health, understanding of detox and holistic health and optimizing your overall state of well being .


Lets Detox to Wellness!

Heavy Metal Detox: E-book

$19.99 Regular Price
$14.99Sale Price
  • Fe ~Fe The Holsitic Gypsy is a Holsitic Health Practitioner who  is founder and creator of  a Growing Online Private Membership  Health & Wellness Club/ Association . Founded in 2019  this is a safe online place where you get to have online holistic support and help that  

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