My name is Brandon Berry and I am of African ascent (I say ascent because we are rising, not falling). As an Academic Coach, I have experienced the insecurities of children of African ascent in the United States who don't have a sense of who they are or what they are capable of. I have made it my mission to let them know that they are capable of much more than they have been led to believe by the media and outside influences, with much success. 


I have mainly coached children of African ascent. Not one of them have shown me that they were not capable of learning everything they wanted to learn. The one thing that ALWAYS stopped any of the children I coached from succeeding was the BELIEF that they could succeed.


A wise man once said, "A people without the knowledge of their history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." After coaching so many students, I came to the realization that many children of African ascent were like trees without roots. This is especially true when I comes to math.


Well, no more.

I created Motherland Math to be a curriculum that caters to children of African ascent, so that they can feel rooted in the material they are learning. In Motherland Math, there are math concepts for grade levels 4 - 12, that are taught from an African perspective. Currently, only the first level for 4th - 7th grade is available. Levels 2 - 5 are still in production. 


Once enrolled, let me know how you like the course! If you would like to offer the course on your platform as an affiliate, contact me at:

Motherland Math - Self-Paced - Course