New Course: $5k+ Raised We are On Our Way!

We are still in Building phase of our Educational Company. We are an up and coming company that started back in 2019 when my husband was working full time and tutoring part time and I was a full-time stay-at-home mother and homeschooler. So some time has passed since we started this company and we are determined to fulfill our dreams and goals in providing wonder, joy, excitement, inspiration, enriching teaching to our children while supporting our teachers and parents. BerryGoodTeaching will be here to stay for the long haul and grow into something more. Now we are headed into 2022 and we are committing ourselves to providing enriching educational content, support, ideas, and information that supports our BerryGood Family and Friends but most of all supports our children. We intend to create self paced courses, games, shows, books and Educational Content to holistically enrich our children in these changing times and beyond.

The Highlight Course of 2022 that we are asking for community support with is our Up and coming Math Course, Real Math 1.0.

With the world in a state of chaos in 2020, Mama Fe-Fe and Baba Be were thinking about ways that they could empower today's youth with the knowledge necessary to help them flourish. Amid all of the lockdowns, mandates, and shifts to virtual school, there were many questions with not a lot of answers. Therefore, we decided to answer the call and create Real Math.

Real Math is a story-based and project-based course for ages 9 - 16, that puts your children in a real-world scenario where they will learn the following: